Monday, November 14, 2005

First off, welcome to the official blog for A Dog Named Earl. Alex Tarp, Mike Foote and Nick Matheison make up the band. Alex plays acoustic&electric guitar and vocals; Mike plays bass, keyboard and vocal; Nick plays drums, keyboard and vocal. We all met after high school, planting trees on our year off. A Dog Named Earl has been together for about 3 years now, we've played in Montreal, all over Ottawa, Kingston, Vancouver, St. John's, Hull, Quebec City and Lunnenberg.

-Alex Tarp; grew up in Brooklyn, New York with an acoustic guitar in his hands. Moved to Ottawa in grade 10, where he began playing electric guitar. Alex is a full time groom at a stable in Kemptville. Email;
-Mike Foote; born with an unfortunate last name in Ottawa, Ontario. He started playing piano as a child, moved to bass guitar in high school. He is going to school, studying culinary arts at Algonquin. Email;
-Nick Matheison; born and bred in Kingston. He has played the drums since he can remember. He is a full-time chemistry student at Ottawa U. Email;

We're all in NYC and loving it. Mike and Nick get a deserved semester off school, Alex is being a bum as per usual. We've found a club that we really enjoy playing-> Barry's . We're all having a blast, hanging out with Alex's family, our new friends, old friends and everyone in between.

NEW!--->A Dog Named Earl is currently recording in the studio! We're making a 9 song CD, going to have songs; Huts in the Sky, Punch Drunk, Feeling Feline, Nowhere, Brand Name, Ironed Shirt, The Nine Minute Song, Glass Walls, Cut the Strings. You can buy the CD at any of our gigs or email Nick to get a copy. We're hoping to get some T-Shirts made up, just for the heck of it... yes, Earl is going to be on them!!!!
UPCOMING SHOWS--> January 20th @ Barry's, 8:00 pm (CDs should be available by then)
January 27th @ Barry's, 9:00 pm (CDs will be available by then)

Alex's Journal

hey guys! living conditions suck right now... living in a crappy apartement, but with any luck mike, nick and i will get that great place in the village... i can actually keep my wardrobe in my closet! anyway, we're having a lot of fun in the recording studio, i can't believe it's almost over... but we had some great times, including; the diner (delicious delicious fries and ice cream), the alley (lol!), hanging out in the street (for no reason whatsoever!), going to bed at 3am, being in the studio for 5am (only we could pull that sht off), the stolen rimms (what a mother fcker!) and so many other good times. i'll miss it, but it's not the end..... "Of Course the music is a great difficulty. You see, if one plays good music, people don't listen, and if one plays bad music people don't talk."- Oscar Wilde.